Concept shift

The Concept drift dashboard enables you to analyze the impact and magnitude of concept shift. To calculate these results, NannyML Cloud requires the analysis set to include a ground truth column.

Note: Concept shift detection is currently supported only for binary classification use cases. For custom support in regression use cases, please contact us on our website.

If you prefer a video walkthrough, here is our guide explaining how to use the concept shift page:

Here, you can find detailed descriptions of various elements on the concept shift page:

The Concept shift dashboard consists of three main components:

1. Filters

Select which metrics you want to have displayed on the performance impact graph. Additionally, a magnitude metric illustrates the magnitude of concept drift at specific periods.

2. Visualizations

You can change the order of charts based on the metric name, number, or recency of the alerts.

3. Plots

There are two types of plot formats: line and step. A line plot smoothly connects points with straight lines to show trends, while a step plot uses sharp vertical and horizontal lines to show exact changes between points clearly.

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