Azure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

1. Go to the Azure portal

Use the following link: to visit the Azure portal. Be sure to sign in to your Microsoft account.

2. Create a resource

Press "Create a resource":

3. Search for NannyML

Type "nannyml" in the search bar and press enter:

A small notification will appear about a private offer for your organization. This will only appear after completing the survey (if it is not visible after completing the survey, please reach out to Press "View private plan":

4. Subscribe to NannyML Cloud SaaS

Click on the "NannyML Cloud (preview) SaaS" offering:

Select the starter plan and press "Subscribe":

4.1 Basics

subscriptionSelect your Microsoft subscription and pick a resource group. If none are available create a new one. Be sure to provide a name for the NannyML SaaS subscription to easily identify it later:

Press "Review + subscribe" at the bottom of the page:

4.2 Tags

Alternatively, you can also proceed to configure some tags, but they are optional.

4.3 Review + subscribe

Review the details of the subscription:

Press "Subscribe" at the bottom of the page:

It might take a second. The following waiting screen will appear:

Once that's done, there is one thing left to do, which is to configure the NannyML SaaS account. Press "Configure account now":

5. Configure your NannyML SaaS account

Review and press "Confirm" at the bottom of the page:

Provide a subdomain where you want the NannyML instance to be available and press "Provision":

You are good to go:

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